The selection of your lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make. Injured people may not realize how the injury or loss affects decision making.

Guidance from a competent, experience attorney will usually greatly increase the amount of your recovery.

Pain and suffering, mounting bills and the inability to work create tremendous life stressors that make injured people vulnerable to making the wrong decisions and unjust settlements. Self motivated insurance adjustors realize this weakness and may actually discourage a consultation with an attorney. Unfortunately, the reluctance to consult with an experienced attorney almost always means that the injured person will be taken advantage of and will not receive a full measure of justice.

In Mr. Scaletty's experience, he finds that the sooner he becomes involved in a case, the better. For example, it is important to identify witnesses and obtain statements before they can no longer be located. Photographic and videographic records of a scene are powerful and persuasive tools. It can be critical that this type of demonstrative evidence be obtained as soon as possible. As the trail gets colder, it may become more difficult to build a stronger case.

Irregardless of how you select your lawyer, it is to your advantage to get competent legal advice as soon as possible. You risk losing the opportunity to preserve valuable evidence if you delay. Remember, experience counts.

When choosing your lawyer remember that this person will speak for you. You should feel comfortable with your attorney and have confidence in his or her ability.

At the Scaletty Law Firm we have over 19 years of experience. Regrettably, we cannot accept every case. However, if your case is accepted, rest assured we will fight to obtain the best results for you.

Many of our former clients have offered to be references. If you would like this information please contact us. There is no charge to evaluate your case.